You will need
  • postal or email address of the employer;
  • - a computer with a printer;
  • - the Internet.
Before the main text in the upper left corner of the sheet write the heading in which you want to specify where or to whom you send a letter, as well as your personal and contact details. If you are a letter in electronic form, the "cap" issue should not be, relevant information to the state after signing the letter.
The main text start with a polite greeting. If you know the name and patronymic of the head of the organization in which you want to get a job, write: "dear (first name)!". If you have, then do a greeting without treatment.
Next indicate your desire to take the relevant vacancy. Avoid writing from a position of supplicant. On the contrary, let them know that your knowledge and skills can benefit the employer. For example: "As an experienced Manager in sales, I hope to realize your business potential to the benefit of your company." Specify that the detailed summary is attached.
Ask about appointment date and time of the interview about the device to work.
Complete email signature. If the address already contains the word "dear" here, write "sincerely," don't. Conversely, if in greeting you this word is omitted, then signing assure the recipient of its consideration. This is required by norms of politeness.
Create a detailed summary, which indicate your personal and contact details, information about education, experience, specializations and business qualities and skills. This information for clarity, split it into separate paragraphs. If you possess a presentable appearance and this has implications for the proposed job, add your photo. Attach the summary to the letter about applying for a job. In electronic format, use file attachments.