You will need
  • your ability to answer questions
In some situations, for example, when applying for a new job, is asked to fill in a questionnaire. Competent completion of the questionnaire will add you points in the eyes of the employer, so it is important to prepare for how to fill it out. The first rule – the form must be filled carefully. Blots, deletions, corrections – all of this you should try to avoid. If you do not believe in the beauty of your handwriting, please print. If the employer will have the hour to read your writing, it will not be in your favor.
Before the interview, review the Internet a few templates of various forms. As a rule, most of the questions in all the questionnaires the same. Don't forget to take with you to the interview all documents, as there are cases when in the form there are columns in which to enter the data of your passport, INN, pension certificate number. Make the profile only truthful information, because to check the accuracy of your information HR employee will not be difficult.
Often in the questionnaire there are such columns as "additional information" or "skills" or "what information you want to tell us about yourself." Whatever name this graph, the meaning of it boils down to one: to obtain from the applicant not answer the specific question, and encourage them to tell about themselves in their own words. Think over in advance what you could tell about yourself. This can be information about your Hobbies ("I prefer active rest", "do yoga", "love to read"), and your professional skills and abilities ("they speak Spanish with a dictionary and Chinese – free", "driving license category E", "candidate of economic Sciences, 10 published scientific articles"). If the information will be directly relevant to your future endeavours – great. If not – do not worry. The purpose of the question is to find out about you as much as possible, and not to see in this field, sweeping dash.