If you were given a typical application where the key phrases have been printed and it is left for personal data, problems with its filling, most likely, will not arise. However, if you have a blank sheet and start writing the statement with the following caps. In the upper right corner write the column the first two lines: "the Director (name of organization, name of the head)". On the next line – your full name in the genitive, below your residence (residence permit).
Below the center line - the word "statement" in small letters. Retreat down another line and write: "Please accept me for the position (specify the position according to staffing)".
Under the text put the number of writing of the statement and signature.
Check the text for errors and compare with the sample.
The Director (name of organization)


(Name of the employee in full)

Residing at ___________
Please accept me for the position _________.
(number) (signature of employee)
To the application apply, the following documents are required for registration of the employment contract (article 65 labour code):

• passport;

• work-book;

• certificate of state pension insurance;

• documents of the military account;

• document about education.