Advice 1: How to lower blood pressure quickly

Often there are situations when after the sudden stress is dramatically high blood pressure, and help provide or no one, or not drugs that reduce blood pressure. Then, before the arrival of the ambulance, it is possible to reduce the pressure, and, using the means at hand.
How to lower blood pressure quickly
You will need
  • - cold water;
  • - Apple cider vinegar;
  • - tincture of Valerian;
  • - tincture of motherwort;
  • - tincture of hawthorn;
  • - "Valokardin".
First and foremost, you need to relax and try to hold your breath on the exhale for 7-10 seconds for 2-3 minutes. This simple trick can throw off+ up to 30 units of blood pressure. After the first self-help, try other ways to lower blood pressure.
For rapid pressure reduction, it is recommended to use cold water. You can hold under cold running water hands up to the forearms, poplakat in the face, moisten cotton napkins and attach them to the thyroid gland and the solar plexus. And you can pour in a basin of cold water, lower in his ankles and feet "run" in the pelvis for a minute.
To quickly reduce pressure folk healers recommend the use of Apple cider vinegar. If applied to the soles of the feet for 10 minutes cotton napkins that are liberally soaked in Apple cider vinegar can reduce blood pressure by 30-40 points.
For rapid lowering of pressure, especially high blood pressure, you need to prepare the following composition, a vial of which, you must always have with him. Take pharmacy tincture: Valerian, motherwort, hawthorn and "Valokardin". Drain all into one bottle, from which you can take a small amount of the composition to fill a bottle from under the used infusions to always have on hand. A sudden increase in pressure take a teaspoon of prepared funds, diluted in 50 ml of water.
You should know that a rapid decrease in blood pressure can cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness, hallucinations and loss of consciousness. Especially dangerous sudden loss of pressure with the use of drugs. There are cases when medication is not taken immediately lowered blood pressure, and the patient, thinking that the medicine did not help him, taking another drug or another dose of the former drug. The result is a sharp drop in pressure, disruption of the cardiovascular system, where patients in a coma. Therefore, before you attempt to rapidly reduce the pressure, you need to decide how necessary the patient.

Advice 2: What medication to lower the pressure

Hypertension recently becoming "popular". If this previously-diagnosed at the age of forty, but now it is much "younger". From high blood pressure affects people in old and relatively young age. And all anything, if hypertension would not become the reason of a "bouquet" of associated diseases, headaches, heart attack, kidney problems, stroke. Treat hypertension can and should be, the main thing – to choose the right and positively acting on your body medicine.
What medication to lower the pressure
Among the most popular drugs that help reduce and normalize blood pressure, "Aspirin", "Lozap", "Lozap+", "Nifedipine", "Captopril", "enalapril", "Enix", "Enap", "Indapamide"... Well, the list goes on and on.
Typically, all medications for hypertension belong to several groups. Among them diuretici, beta-blockers, vasodilators. Thiazide diuretics – diuretics that due to the urine quickly lower the pressure. Among such means not take "Indapamide" and a group of similar drugs. "Indapamide" lowers blood pressure, but does not change cholesterol, insulin and sugar in blood plasma, has vasodilating properties. Analogs indapamide is a medication "Arifon Retard" - original indapamide produced in France, "Indal" made in the Czech Republic (Prague) and Russian "Akripamid".
Beta blockers calm the heart, thereby reducing blood pressure. The drugs in this group include "Inderal" (Propranolol), "Atenolol", "Bisoprolol", "Succinate", "Metoprolol (vasocardin)", "Nadolol", "Level", "Carvedilol", "Nebivolol" and others.
Vasodilators reduce heart rate, which is especially important in tachycardia and increased arterial. This group includes "Verapamil", which is also known as "Isoptin", "Diltiazem" or Kardil.
Quick effect of lowering blood pressure is achieved during the reception of blockers of receptors for angiotensin (ARBS). They compared with other hypotensive means much less contraindications and high results in the treatment of hypertension even in single dose per day. BORON also called sortname, including the "Losartan", "Candesartan", "Telmisartan", "Eprosartan". Active in the treatment of hypertension used calcium channel blockers (CCB), among which the most famous "Nifedipin", "Cardizem", "Norwex", "Diltiazem", "Amlodipine" and others.
Quickly reduce the pressure and prevent the development on the background of hypertension complications kidney and heart drugs group AIPF (angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors). Among these, the most frequently used "Bonnet", "Captopril", "Nifedipine", "lisinopril", "enalapril", "Enap" and others. But the downside of these drugs is that they do not act immediately, as they have a cumulative effect. That is, they should be used only in combination therapy.
Given such a variety of antihypertensive drugs, it is worth Recalling that in no case be self-medicate. If you have high blood pressure, do consult your doctor who will conduct the necessary studies, tests and find the cause of hypertension and will prescribe suitable treatment, will select the individual plan medication.
Useful advice
St. Petersburg company nnptsto (national research and production center for rejuvenation technology) to solve problems with pressure offers modern developments, among which the special place is occupied by Oligopeptide bioregulator selected for each organ. Oligopeptides act at the cellular level. The result of their application seen after a few days. So, for example, pressure, regardless of whether it was low or high, returns to normal after 5-7 days of taking the drug (Oligopeptide 5). Notable for the use of oligopeptides: according to the instructions, a few drops should be applied to forearm and rubbed into skin. Taken orally as pill does not need: oligopeptides act through the skin.
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