In fairness, it should be noted that most of the computers on your device is very similar. Therefore, in order to perform a particular operation, you simply perform a set of actions. It concerns not only desktop computers but also laptops.
Therefore, in order to get to the BOIS, you need to perform some actions in sequence. On a desktop and laptop. So, let's begin. First you need to start the computer if it is off (if it is enabled – run the reboot via the start menu").
Next, look carefully at the screen. In the lower part appears the inscription in English, where a large font will be allocated the name of the key that you will need to click in order to enter the system BIOS. Basically, this key is F2 or F12. It all depends on the hardware. But, as mentioned above, most often there is mentioned key.
Seeing the name of a key, you should immediately click on it. To be sure – preferably several times. Otherwise, you will have to reboot the computer again and carry out the above operation again.
If the first time managed to enter the BIOS the method of pressing the necessary keys well, you can continue working.
So, the goal is achieved – BIOS splattered the entire screen is your blue background with grey letters. Without some experience or a mentor to change the settings inside the system is not recommended. But it is never forbidden.
When everything you need is reviewed and if necessary modified, you can go. This is done just as easy – press F10 if you want to save the changes and exit. If anything is not necessary to store in the top of the screen you can see a tab "EXIT". Allocate tab, click "Enter" and then the letter "y" as the answer to the question of whether or not you want to go.
BIOS safely left behind. The entrance and exit successfully committed. The goal is achieved.