You will need
  • - skills to work in the system BIOS.
When you turn on the notebook press the Pause button to view the text on the screen. Note on the inscription Press F2 to enter setup. F2 is, of course, can be absolutely any key or even a combination of several. The most common are F1, F2, F8, Esc, F10, F11, F12 and so on. Can also use a method of selection. To exit pause mode, press Enter.
Search the Internet for information on the motherboard model. In order to learn its markings, open computer properties by clicking right mouse button on the corresponding menu item "start". In the appeared new window, select the tab "Equipment".
Open device Manager and find the list of computer configuration of your system Board. Copy the name, open a browser and run the query in the rewritten information in the search string can add to enter setup/BIOS.
Also some older models is information about the mainboard on a special label, which spelled out the model of the laptop, check the back wall of the computer for such. Also check the battery compartment, pre-pulling the battery.
Opening the program the BIOS, use the arrow keys to navigate through the menu items. To change a value of the parameter is usually programmed plus and minus buttons, but everything may depend on motherboard model.
Be extremely careful making changes in settings of the BIOS because this program is responsible for the entire contents of a laptop. If you save any difficulties or problems in the laptop, restore the original values using the corresponding command, is written in the lower part of the window system the BIOS.