Shut down the operating system. Turn on the computer again, however, when it starts to boot and appears a black window with letters and numbers, press Pause or combination Fn+Pause. It works not on all models, but worth a try. If the download window has stopped, note the text “Press F1 to enter setup”. Instead of F1 can be any key name brand. This will be the team to enter the BIOS on your computer.
If you are not able to view the text, try to use different combinations. Usually suitable for Compaq F2, F11, F9, Delete. Try other keys, maybe your motherboard is more rare than the previous one.
Try to learn the information you need on the Internet. For this just find out your motherboard model by going to the properties menu of "My computer". In the opened window select the tab "Hardware" and click device Manager. Find the motherboard, normally it is displayed at the top of the list. Rewrite its name with punctuation.
Open a browser, type in the search box the model name of your motherboard and see the results. If you do not find necessary, perform search with more keywords. You can also view the specification of your laptop model and using the marking to get the necessary information, for example, on the website of the manufacturer.
If all the previous steps have not yielded a positive result, try to contact the technical support of HP. Individuals should have the right information, given that most models of their laptops simply do not provide instructions to them in its configuration.