You will need
  • - material;
  • - sewing supplies: thread, needles, scissors, inch, pins;
  • - fastening elements;
  • - ribs;
  • - sewing machine (the seams made on the sewing machine are more durable and reliable);
  • pattern;
In order to decide which kind of fabric will suit best, determine whether elastic material, support the seam directly, or for more serious support, for example, fixation in a certain position of internal organs (in this case, you can choose towel, folded in several layers).
Select the mounting hardware. As the most suitable and comfortable fastening elements and fixing brace can be used conventional hooks, ties, Velcro fixer, rubber bands.
If necessary, pick up the individual support ribs, such as sewn metal plates, the region or the other.
Define dimensions and build tentative patterns. Thus as patterns may serve as a convenient item of clothing e.g. t-shirt, bodysuit, corset and so on.
On the basis of the pattern necessary to produce cutting of the material. Here it is necessary to observe the location patterns strictly in the direction of common thread, to avoid unnecessary stretching of the material.
Basting and first fitting. Smachivaetsya all seams, except one which is left for the most convenient process of fitting. After that, in the absence of comments you can begin the stitching seams on the sewing machine.
Attach the selected fasteners and fixing elements.