Select the shape of the corset and have a color.
Make the necessary measurements (hip, waist, bust, height, sides), and build a pattern.
Cut out the pattern, all the parts of the corset lining and the main fabric. Outwrite them.
Sew all pieces together as one from the outer fabric and lining. Once all the pieces of outer and lining fabric will be sewn, iron the seams on the waist and bust so that there are no unnecessary folds and irregularities. Connect the external part of the lining of the fabric so that all seams match. Then sew them and iron.
Prostrochite tubule pit, making sure that the seam line of the outer and lining fabric lined up so smoothly relative to each other as possible.
Sew the top of the front of the corset finishing the edges, then wrap it on the wrong side of the corset and to smooth the resulting edge of the iron. Insert the bones in the tubule and sew a finishing hem in the same way and to the bottom of the corset.
The corset is almost ready, it remains to determine how it will be fastened to. There are several variants of fasteners - hooks and lace-up for you to decide how it will look in your corset in the back and you will be easier to zip up. As to the future skirt dresses, she can be curvy, and narrow, long and short. Of course, the choice is yours.