You will need
  • the fabric satin or silk (for the top layer);
  • cloth calico (the lower layer);
  • - rayon braid;
  • - eyelets for lacing;
  • hooks and loops;
  • - special "bones" of the corset;
  • measuring tools and sewing supplies.
Measure the chest girth, waist girth and hip girth, and the height of the barrel. The first three measurements are recorded by a half, the last measurement.
Draw the pattern. Spend three horizontal lines, which will mark the bust, waist and bottom, and two vertical on the overall width of the corset. Next, carefully draw all the details of the product. You should start with the back, then draw the details], last but not least – before the future of the corset. It is important not to forget to make allowance for the buckles and lacing.
The pattern manufacture and sweeps parts. They should sew a short stitch for the first fitting. Be sure to check how parts customized the corsetand to each other, mark the waist line.
Connect the top and bottom layers of the corset. Excess material cut off. Carefully press the material. Now you can finally sew a corset.
Manufacture of the clasp. Front closure is hook and loop. Slimming corset must have laces, which is located in the back. For this you need to insert in the backrest upright blocks and paternot rayon braid. Lacing is done crosswise.
Take in the seams of the corsetand the vertical drawstring, they insert the bone. These stones should not come to the top and bottom about half an inch. Close up of the bones manually.
Will attrocity the top and hem the strip of material. So you managed to make the corset with his hands.