You will need
  • Fabric, accessories, sewing supplies.
For a start, consider the model of your dress. What will it be: long or short, narrow or wide. After that pick the suitable patterns for the intended model, and remove all the necessary measurements.
Select the fabric. Gothic clothing, the most popular are silk, smooth leather, chiffon, patent fabric and satin. About the color we say that it does not necessarily have to be black and be dark blue, dark purple, Magenta and even white. Although, of course, black clear predominance.
Carefully cutting the details of the dress. Then proceed directly to the sewing. Be sure to treat all the edges of the parts with overlock. Following the instructions that came with the pattern, sostrochite together. Don't forget about the fittings in the process. Good smooth finished product.
Now for the trim of the dress. In the Gothic outfit she is almost the most important place. Thanks to a kind of finishing can be not simply elegant black dress, and dress in the Gothic style. Clothing ready be sure there is a mesh on the sleeves, for example. In addition, use in the finishing of various lace dress, not necessarily black. With their help, you will be able to achieve the effect of sensuality and eroticism. By the way, you can use tattered lace. If you are inspired by lace, use a ruffle at the cuffs and hem of the dress. Or try to decorate it with satin ribbons at the waist and neckline. Will look great blood-red or white ribbon – you will be able to play on the contrast.Here's a dress and you're done! It confirms the mystery of the woman in Gothic. Perhaps this is what inspires designers from around the world to use Gothic motifs to create their collections.