To ensure an appropriate level of fire safety at the enterprise or organization is one of the most important elements in the system of labor protection. State standards developed and implemented checklists and standards that ensure the primary fire extinguishing means, which allow to minimize losses from local fires, prior to the arrival of professional firefighters.

What refers to primary fire extinguishing means

According to the established rules and regulations by such means should be considered:

- fire extinguishers;
- internal fire hydrants;
firefighter tools and equipment.

In the list of fire equipment may include: boxes with sand, buckets, spades, water barrels, made from non-combustible material (usually asbestos). Hooks, axes and crowbars are considered a fire tool. The level of the required configuration of the means listed to extinguish a fire depends on the fire hazard of the object, its area, number of working personnel.

General requirements for primary means of fire (PSP)

Normative documents on fire safety matters and are governed by the General requirements for the SRP.

1. All available means to fight the fire necessarily be located in easily accessible places. They shall not interfere in conducting the evacuation of people.
2. The PSP examination must be conducted regularly. Faulty tools, equipment and instruments must be replaced in the shortest possible time.
3. Maintenance of fire extinguishers and internal fire hydrants shall be carried out within the established deadlines. In this case the relevant act or authorized to conduct such works, the organization puts a mark on marks attorneys means.
4. Instructions for working with the PSP prohibits their use for practical purpose.
5. Extinguishing media placed in the fire shield should not be rigidly fixed in its place with wire, nails, etc.
6. Fire Board at the company are numbered and sealed in a manner not impeding their easy opening.
7. Placement of serviceable extinguishers is performed at a height of not more than 1.5 m from the floor to the bottom of the appliance in places exposed to direct sunlight, at a sufficient distance from the heating or heating systems.
8. Access PSP must be unobstructed.

In the locations of firefighting equipment compulsory signs with the telephone numbers of the fire service.