Set the marker on a flat surface, on a support. At the same time trying to make a support at waist height. It is important that the marker while aiming trembling in your hands. If you have a special tripod for the token – this is the perfect situation. But if no tripod, sand bags.
Prepare goal. As purpose, suitable folded sheet of cardboard. Draw in the center of the cardboard sheet the point that it was about a coin size. Put the target at a desired distance from the marker with a telescopic sight, which needs adjustment. Make sure that the target of anything fragile, and need not because the balls will fly through the cardboard through and through. Dig a target in the ground. If necessary, add to her stability.
Put on a mask, centering around the point the risks of sight without lifting the marker. Do three shots. Go to the target and is determined by the holes in the cardboard, which got our balls.
We need to adjust the point of contact of the balls. To do this, use the buttons vertical and lateral settings. The unit of measurement for the most part of buttons is the minute (MOA or 1 / 60th part of a degree). Usually four press of a button equal to one minute, which can move the point of impact of balls at 2.5 cm distance from the target in 91 meter. If the shots we have, say, were higher by 7.5 cm to the left of the target at 5 cm distance to the target – all the same 91 m), the lateral setting we need to switch to the right for 2 minutes, and the vertical down for 3 minutes.
If you shoot the target more remote, you may have to compensate for arc at which the ball will fly, small elevation of the sight. Unfortunately, this is a problem of all optical sights, mounted on the paintball marker.
Produced the necessary changes, then do three more shots. Check the result. If the setting of the sight still does not satisfy us, make more changes and check again.