While shooting in auto focus mode the sharpness is adjusted by the camera depending on the object of focus and its remoteness. For shooting in automatic mode, move the switch to position A/F. If you have an Amateur camera, the automatic setting mode can be in the menu. To do this go to device options and select the desired option in the list of parameters "Mode".
When working in manual mode or if you want to customize the sharpness of your photos you can customize with a special ring that is on the camera lens. It is marked with distance scale and can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise.
Looking at the screen or in the hole of the viewfinder, turn the focus wheel in one direction or another to achieve the desired result-definition picture. After sharpening you can start shooting. Pull down the shutter button to the focus position and wait until the machine performs the other necessary settings. To take the picture, depress the button until the end.
There is no universal settings for the options of field of the camera, because every picture is shot in different conditions. If you can't fine tune sharpness manually to take the picture, switch to auto mode, which will produce the desired setting.
When shooting multiple objects in the frame to adjust the sharpness you can find a point located at equal distance from the shooting object, and then modify the parameters relative to the selected position. If necessary, you can also make zoom buttons on the camera or using the lens wheel that is responsible for scaling.