Using the web is a mod that is not part of the original game. It is logical that using it everywhere will not work – only on those gaming venues that are for a specially equipped. Find a server configured with the web and go to the game.
Open the console by pressing ~. If you press nothing happens, go to "Settings" and make sure that in the "General" tab next to Console is checked.
In the console enter the line bind "f" "+rope. Translate the command as "to Consolidate the use of ropes for the f key (it optionally can be replaced by any other).
If the rope does not work, perhaps its use is fixed for a certain circle of players. You will Refine this question in the administration server.
To install the mod on your own copy CS – download the appropriate files from the Internet. In this case, certainly the presence server AMX.
Unzip the downloaded archive to folder cstrike/addons/amxmodx/.
Open the file plugins.ini at cstrike/addons/amxmodx/configs/, using Notepad. Enter in the last line prokreedz_hook.amxx and close the file, saving all changes.
Start the server and go to the game. After each run you have to enter two commands: amx_rope and amx_rope_count #. The first one activates and deactivates the plugin, the second specifies the number of ropes available players in each round. In some assemblies, the fashion word is replaced by a rope on a hook or power1. The difference is that the rope can be used by any player by typing described in the third step, command – hook, on the contrary, are available only to server administrators. Code power1 is used in the modification Heromode, which significantly alters the gameplay on the server.