You will need
  • Check for ownership rights to the selected plot of land, a statement to the administatsiya location and the site plan, necessary documents for taking possession of the land.
First, to have the opportunity to get free lands, you need to find unowned plot of landthat has never been used or to which no one touched for over three years.
Also need to draw up a rough plan of the area and the shape of the selected land. Next you need to specify the location of this site in the plan area.
After that, together with these documents, you need to go to the Department of real estate, where your chosen free parcel check on the legal purity and the possibility of building on it. The land should not be reserved for the construction of social facilities, and burdened with someone else's rights.
If such a test is selected the plot of land passed then the documents are sent to the administration of the area. Here real estate professionals once again check the availability of third-party rights to this plot of land.
After this, if the earth still went and checked her register, assign a registration number and put up for auction.
Here it is at this stage and the fate of the chosen land. If within one month after the start of the sale of the land, appeared interested in buying this land , the citizens, something about the plot can be forgotten. Well, if wanting to acquire no, that land is granted on lease for a period of 2-3 years, during which the need to build housing.
When the plot is finished, you need to pass it into operation, to obtain the necessary information in all instances. Then, on the basis of all the documents and personal statement to the administration area, this plot of land is available in the property.