If you prefer the gel, it should be remembered that there are two types of light-sensitive and light-insensitive gels.
Gel dry photosensitive only in the ultraviolet lamp. The mechanism of UV exposure is that the substance-initiator contained in the gel, under ultraviolet light begins to intensify. The process of adhesion
molecules of the gel, and as a result, the solidification of the material.
Please note that gels the same manufacturer be dried with UV lamps of the same manufacturer, since the lack of power of radiation nails can become sticky, and when over – brittle.
If you have an Allergy to ultraviolet light, the method of drying you will not do. In any case, it is necessary to conduct the test to know about the possible reactions. If allergies are evident, use a gel that hardens without exposure to light.
Insensitive to light gels harden under the influence of activating substances. They constitute a dense and viscous cyanoacrylate monomer. The gel hardened, the entire surface of the nail with a thin layer brush applied catalyst (a fairly small drop). It can be sprayed if it is in the form of a spray, or spread evenly, squeezing from a tube.
There is among the variety of gels, hardens in ordinary water. Using this gel for modeling, you will just have to dip their hands into the cool water for 5-7 minutes. Dry the nails and apply the coating. Whatever build you choose, a skilled craftsman will create a real masterpiece on your hands that will be admired by all around you.