The normal heart rate and pulse rate of pregnant

The heart pushes blood in the veins and arteries, delivering oxygen to organs of the body. At the moment such a push dilate blood vessels, and range – that is 1 beat. Have healthy adults in one minute the heart beat is about 60-80 beats.

In pregnant women it might be different. And all just because it is growing inside another person who has a heart, which also pushes the blood and delivers oxygen. And while the child is in mom's tummy, mom, "running for two" and my mother's heart must pump blood, and through it the oxygen and all essential nutrients to the fetus.

In the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, the pulse rate may be increased first to 100 beats per minute, then to 110 and even up to 115. The thing is that in the period when the women of a brand new life, the body changes according to what needs are necessary for the child. The body should provide all the fruit necessary for normal development and growth.

The second trimester the fetus has already formed all the organs and each of them, naturally, needs oxygen. As mentioned above, all the necessary nutrients and oxygen flow to the baby from the mother, which is the cause palpitations women.

Don't worry, all is well

A large number of pregnant women, noting the increase in pulse and heart rate, go to the doctor with complaints. Of course, it should be noted that this step is correct by 100%, as the health of the mother and child should never be jeopardized.

Rapid heart rate during pregnancy doctors call "physiological tachycardia", which in most cases itself takes place after birth. Consider the symptoms of harm a woman will not cause, although we must not forget that exceptions are always there.
If uchenomu the pulse and heartbeat were added as well and nausea, vomiting and, of course, the first step visit the doctor because these symptoms could be evidence of heart disease.

Dear women, don't worry – it is harmful. Remember that the higher the pulse it is possible during pregnancy and health risks often cannot be. Consult your doctor and follow the recommendations. More walk and less nervous, and everything will be fine!