You will need
  • - caffeinated products;
  • - ginseng or guarana;
  • - the yellow card;
  • - spicy food;
  • - physical exercise.
Measure the pressure: if it is low, and the pulse, respectively, decreased for this reason. In this case, will help the drugs to increase blood pressure, but they occasionally can be a doctor. Reception these medications without consultation with a specialist can provoke heart attacks and strokes.
Try light tonics, such as tea or coffee. These drinks contain caffeine, it slightly raises blood pressure, tones up and tones the heart muscle. You can buy any non-alcoholic energy drink, they also contains caffeine which quickens the pulse.
Pharmacies sell a herbal remedy that stimulates the heartbeat. These include all products that contain guarana, ginseng and caffeine. But if you have high blood pressure but low pulse, then for you this option, unfortunately, will not work. Since the pressure can rise even higher, but stabiliziruemost if the heartbeat is not a fact.
Spicy food helps raise the blood pressure and pulse. For example, red pepper improves blood flow, and with it the heartbeat. But it is not a treatment but only a subsidiary method of stimulation of the heart. If you have stomach problems, refrain from the temptation to eat something spicy.
To increase the heart rate helps a regular shot. Put a compress on the chest. Burning will stimulate the blood flow and, consequently, the number of contractions of the heart muscle. But to put the yellow card you need is closer to the right side, the left side of the chest, it is not recommended.
If you had long been in repose or asleep, do not hurry to increase the pulse to find that he is 60 beats per minute. First, walk, stroll or take a short jog. It is possible that the pulse will rise. All the physical exercises stimulate and strengthen the heart muscle and blood vessels.