Bradycardia accompanied by dizziness, frequent fainting state, difficulty breathing, pain in the left side of the chest, dizziness, fatigue. Treatment can reduce symptoms and normalize the heart rate.

Treatment of TMJ

Before proceeding to the treatment of bradycardia, need to figure out what was causing it. If pathology minor, special treatment is required to normalize the pulse by the use of herbal decoctions. If bradycardia is a symptom of the disease, the treatment is carried out by assigning a course of therapy with the use of drugs, corrective carbohydrate metabolism, electrolyte balance, and eliminating the lack of oxygen in the patient's blood.

In cases where bradycardia is a serious danger, leading to poor circulation, we recommend taking drugs with antiarrhythmic properties. Independently use these tools as they can cause serious side effects.

When treatment does not progress, shows a surgical intervention. His goal is implantation of a pacemaker that regulates the heart rate.

Treatment of bradycardia

The use of herbs in the treatment of bradycardia helps to normalize pulse. To apply the fees only after the permission of the doctor.

You can prepare a remedy consisting of lemon, garlic and honey. 10 fresh lemon, cut into several pieces and pour boiling water. A moment later, the fruits removed from the water and squeeze out the juice from them. 10 heads of garlic are cleaned from the skin and wipe to a mushy state. In a glass container mixed garlic puree, lemon juice and a liter of honey.

Within 10 days vehicle must infuse in a cool dark place. It is recommended to take 4 teaspoons, slowly dissolving, 1 times a day. The course of treatment will be 3months. To repeat a course, you will be in a year. Before taking the mix be sure to mix.

Good effect observed in the use of infusion of yarrow. 15 grams of dry herb brewed Cup of boiling water and continue heating the medium to simmer for 20 minutes. The drink needs to steep at room temperature for 2 hours. Drink a tablespoon of the tincture 3 times a day.