Get residence permit in rural areas. In accordance with paragraph 3 of article 3 of the act of July 7, 2003 No. 112-FZ "On personal subsidiary plot", the land plots belonging to state or municipal authorities, are provided for conducting LPH (private farms) only to citizens who have permanent registration in rural areas.
Find out the availability of vacant land, if urban residence. Since according to paragraph 4 of article 3 of the aforementioned law, the citizens having the permanent registration in the city to such areas can only at presence of vacant land.
Horticultural, gardening and dacha non-commercial associations of nature may obtain the land plot in the following way:
1. Submit a written application addressed to local authorities.
2. Local governments, having received from citizens of the statement:
identify the need for land to create on them gardening or country non-commercial societies;
b) there are unoccupied areas, are formed and approved the list of contenders for gardening or country non-commercial society;
C) assistance in the organization of conferences of the founders of the society;
g) petitions serving other local self-government bodies of municipal property or a special Executive bodies of the regional authorities which are engaged in redistribution of plots to pre-selection and provision of land for the use of garden or country associations.