What to pay attention to.First, the marking of the shirt not the usual sizeclothing. Men's shirts differ in growth, the volume of collar and length sleeves. Moreover, most foreign producers are assigned a size, based on the last two parameters. Second, before purchasing shirts, you have to take measurements. Even if you recently have made a successful purchase of clothes is to update the data.Third, ideally the shirt should not gather in folds, to bubble at the waist and to get out from under the belt.
Determine the size of the collar. To find out the size of the shirt for the collar, measure the circumference of the neck. This is done as follows. Wrap the measuring tape around the neck at its base. To the resulting figure add 1-2 cm to the collar, lying freely and squeezed his throat. For example, if the girth of neck 39 cm, then choose a shirt size40 or 41. Between the top button buttoned collar and the neck should be a distance equal to the thickness of the index finger. If the clearance will be more tightening the tie, you will mess up the collar. He will gather pleats or pull under a jacket.
Measure the length of the sleeve.Yourself to do uncomfortable, ask someone close to help you. Stand up straight, straighten your shoulders. Bend your arm at the elbow and raise your elbow to shoulder level. Place a hand horizontally, parallel to the waist. It is imperative to measure the bent arm to get the length, allowing you to move freely. Stretch the measuring tape from the vertebra at the base of the neck on the shoulder, then down arm to the base of the thumb. You'll get perfect, from the point of view of etiquette, length: cuffs of the shirt will completely cover your wrist and will be out of the sleeve of the jacket 1.5-2 cm Sleeve gives another criterion for the choice of shirt. The seam that connects that part to the main part of the shirt, must be located exactly on the edge of the shoulder. If the seam fell below – shirt is great if it rises up and small.
Exactly growth. This parameter does not change in adults. In addition, the discrepancy shirt on the growth of easily identified during fitting. So it is enough to know its accurate to 2-3 cm Properly chosen, the shirt should be long enough. It needs to be tucked in approximately 8-10 cm In this case, you will be able to raise his hands, the shirt POPs out.
Fitting. Look carefully at the packaging. On the back of often type definition table size. Markings vary from domestic and foreign firms. If uncertain, ask the seller to help you.Don't buy a shirt without trying it on. A lot of time this procedure will not take you, but all defects will be immediately noticeable.