General rules for the combination of shirt, tie and suit

Usually in the wardrobe of business men should be three or four good suit. Definitely dense and dark and light fabrics, and light weight summer option. Daily to diversify your appearance you will succeed at the expense of 7-10 shirts and the same number of ties. As you can see, has already recruited more than a dozen variations.

The basic rule of proper selection of shirt and tie under a suit – all these elements of the wardrobe should match in color and pattern. The number of colors used in your outfit, it is better to limit to three, but the tones can be more, especially the tie. Shirt is best to choose so that it was lighter than the darkest threads in the material of the suit. Avoid solid fabrics without a pattern, it's too boring and plain dark shirt and dark tie – the funeral too.

Suit grey suit shirt and tie blue, purple, red, Burgundy colors. To the dark blue suit, pick up the rest of the elements in the blue, violet, gray, pinkish, red tones. Dark green suit would look good in combination with brown, beige, mustard, dark yellow and khaki. For brown suit fabric suit beige, sand, yellow-grey and grey tones.

How to choose a tie to the shirt

Since suiting fabric, usually plain or has a clearly distinct pattern, the main attention is drawn to the combination of a shirt and tie. The tie should be darker tones of the shirt and match or be darker than the color of the costume. In the summer the option is allowed to tie in tone was lighter than the shirt and suit.

Pattern shirt and tie should match and if it is, for example, a cell or strip, their size must be different. If the shirt and suit are plain, their colors must be present in the colors of the tie. When you choose a tie with polka dots or stripes, the color of the shirt should exactly repeat the color of the polka dots and stripes.

You will always look stylish and modern even in traditional business suit, if properly will create contrasting combinations between the fabric suit, shirt and tie. Through such contrasts, you can change your look and appearance and will look bright, even wearing the same suit in dark colors. Use the opportunities offered such a thing a man can wear as a tie.