To distract the eye from the plump waist, or thighs can be quite simple: pay attention on his handsome face. View that it is necessary to highlight – lips or eyes – and act. In this case, the makeup is on your side.
You emphasize your extra pounds, if you go, hunched over and head down. When walking on the street, don't forget to straighten your shoulders and look a little higher heads of the oncoming men.
Any clothing (blouses, dresses, sweaters, t-shirts, etc.) sitting on you well, please pay special attention to your bra. It should not be too tight or loose, with spacers that increase the volume. The abundance of laces and a contrast to the clothing color also will not play in your favor. This item in your wardrobe should be the most expensive and high quality and fit your breast perfectly. Color is better to choose the classic beige or black.
Not "cut" the shape into pieces in places that would not attract attention. So, if you have plump thighs, do not wear a blouse, the edge of which is pumped there. Or, for example, choose a thing with a yoke of contrasting color, which will emphasize melt fat to the breast. Not good, and blouse tucked into the skirt if your waist is going through hard times.
Absolutely not suitable for you and disproportionate wear. Do not think that you will hide your shape, hiding under a too loose dress or sweater or pulling falling from the hips pants. These things only accentuate your volumes, and you will look sloppy.
Forget about all sorts of ruffles, large embroideries and massive decorations on blouses. First, all these details are very difficult to find, so they do not look vulgar, and second, your envelopes will look more impressive than they really are.
Remember that your neck and upper chest should be open. So you will look slimmer. Choose blouses and dresses with V-neck. It is possible to experiment: measure different things and find what suits you the most. The second trick to a successful "diet" is unbuttoned at the top for a couple of blouse buttons.
Well will you look dresses with the smell, because you will be able to choose exactly the amount you need – not too tight and not too tight.
As for the sleeves, prefer long or wear a shawl. Sleeveless dresses or tops with shoulder straps can emphasize the fullness of the arms. By the way, to not visually "heavier" arms and shoulders, do not choose things with shoulder pads.
Skirts, try to buy direct, free style, knee length or slightly covering it. Bell bottoms and mini is not for you.
Your trousers should also be straight or slightly flared, almost covering the shoes. The pants narrowed towards the bottom, you will look ridiculous. And Capri pants visually shorten you legs.
If you speculated on what style of Trouser suit you more suitable, give preference to suit in a masculine style. In it you will always look great, and cute womens "stuff" to it to not pick up hard.
As for the color, as you know, black (and dark blue and grey) slim. And this rule should not be neglected. But at the same time, pay attention to fit of clothes. If you wear something luxurious and private, will be similar to an icebreaker or a powerful ball, but not on the elegant woman.
A big role in your appearance will play a variety of accessories. For example, if you wear long narrow scarf on top of a monochromatic outfit, you can visually divide your figure vertically. Look good vertical contrast stitching, drawstring and paste on the clothes. Bright long earrings, a handkerchief on the neck, beads, bezel (and it's not too massive) will divert attention from potential flaws.
Another ally in your fight for the elegance shoes. It should not be very massive, not too open, without the strong ties and leather webbed ankle, rounded toes or open toe. And a necessary condition for the heels, which "pull" figure, making it more slender.