Advice 1: What size is considered to be a single

In the world of fashion there are some difficulties with definition of a single clothing size. And as in any country has its own size chart when choosing clothes, trying on is the best way to determine the size.

One size

A single is the size that is suitable for absolutely all (onesize). But it's hard to imagine that the same thing is going to be at least decent to look at people, say, 40-th and 50-th size.
Each country has its own system of clothing sizes, so it often happens that a man traveling to different countries and on the shelves of stores, gets confused: what size to choose?
It is logical in this case to resort to using tables of size conversion, but the problem is that the data of such tables often do not coincide, so it is possible to determine only an approximate size.

A common size for Chinese goods

As practice shows, one size clothing Chinese manufacturer, suitable for the Russian sizes 42 to 46.
Size onesize" or "regular" is mainly marked underwear, or hosiery production. One size is considered the standard for Asian girls. The only way out for those who do not fit the Chinese idea of the standard is to buy clothes with an elastic band. For example, pants, jeans, leggings marked "regularsize" is often suitable for girls with a 46 or 48 size. That is, there is a solution!

A single European size

Europe first adopted the single sample labelling. According to Russian media, representatives of the National Textile Association (Unitex) held a meeting in Milan and unanimously came to the opinion that over the last half century, the Europeans (both adults and children) have become much taller and larger. In this regard, it was decided to introduce a single European size, so when buying clothes to avoid chaos and confusion. A single standard called the EN 13402.

The basic principle of the unified system of marking of clothing was accounting for the volume of the breast of the buyer. The clothing sizes for adults specifies bust, waist and length. For children the same clothes, except for parameter growth, which was mentioned earlier, now accounted for and even bust and waist, which greatly simplifies the selection of clothing for large and full of children.

According to the President of Unitex, Lodovico of Jakera, the introduction of the European single size is historic in nature and is useful and convenient action for the clothing manufacturer, the seller, and most importantly – for the consumer.

Advice 2 : How do you know your pants size

The appearance of the clothes depends largely on how closely matched the size of the model. Even the most beautiful thing from famous designer may look terrible, if it is too tight the figure, creating ugly creases, or loose a ridiculous hoodie. This is especially true for such "whimsical" to wear parts of your wardrobe, like pants.
How do you know your pants size
You will need
  • the tape, helper, table sizes
What pants do not buy without trying, "by eye", it is known probably all. But the fact that the size should be chosen correctly, not always taken into account. It is important to remember that the size of the pants is not determined by any one indicator. Ideally, you need to consider three figures: the waist, hip and length of leg. These indicators are the Foundation of all unified brand sizes. In English they are marked by letters W (Waist - waist), S (Seat – hip he Hips in some tables) and L (length).
To accurately determine your size of pants, you need to take correct measurements. Do it better with help, since measuring yourself is very difficult. With self-measurement is easy to make a mistake in counting due to movements and bending of the body. Exactly the same to fathom the length of the legs on yourself is impossible.
For taking measurements, except for the help of others, it will take a tailor's meter (the tape). The waist is measured at the narrowest point of the hull at the level of the navel. The tape should be stretched tight enough without pinching the body. Hip measured at the level of the hip joints the most protruding points of the buttocks. The length of the leg it is better to measure on the inner side of the thigh (from groin to floor), as the fit of all models of the trousers are different and it's easy to make a mistake.
The measurements were as accurate as possible, you need to stand absolutely straight with your back straight, straighten the arms along the body. Have an assistant take measurements, to make sure you several times, and record the results. Then you can take any fashion magazine, clothing catalog, or to find in the Internet the table size iss and to compare the figures obtained with the standard models. If your size iss do not fall exactly in a standardized sizes, it is better to choose those that are a little different from yours in a big way.

Advice 3 : How to measure clothing size

In order to easily navigate among the range of clothingon offer today range of trendy shops, you must know your size. Only then will you be able to quickly select the necessary things, do not spend a lot of time on the fitting and out of the boutique with a good new things. To measure your clothing size, you will need to know the parameters of your body and relate them to the dimension table.
How to measure clothing size
You will need
  • centimeter;
  • paper;
  • - handle.
So, to determine women clothing size, you will need to take three measurements: bust, waist and hips. Take measurements better without the extra clothing, e.g. underwear. Keep in mind that the measurement should not be used stretched the old measuring tape. When removing measurements the tape should fit snugly enough to the body, but not to pull together it not to SAG. Thus, you will get the most correct and accurate results.
To start, measure the circumference of your chest. The tape must pass through the protruding point of the breast and back of the blades. Record the result on paper not to forget it.
Putting chest in Russia has always been considered a dimension: for example, the chest girth equal 84cm, fits clothing size 42, bust 88cm – size clothing 44. Unfortunately, this is not the exact ratio, because it often meet girls, for example, with a large bust and narrow hips or Vice versa, small Breasts, but a tight waist, therefore, to determine the exact size of clothes should also measure waist and hips.
The waist is measured at the most narrow part of the waist. To take the measurement tape around the waist and look at the result of the measurement. Write it down to remember.
To measure the girth of the thighs, move the tape horizontal through the most convex part of the hips to the rear and lock the front. Also write down the result.
Now, after you found out your options, compare them with the dimension table: the 40th 42nd 44th 46th 48th 50th 52nd 54th 56th 58th 60th bust 80cm 84cm 88cm 92cm 96cm 100cm 104cm 110cm 116cm 122cm 128смОбхват waist 62cm 66cm 70cm 74cm 78cm 82cm 86cm 92cm 98cm 104cm 110смОбхват hips 86cm 90cm 94cm 98cm 102cm 106cm 110cm 116cm 122cm 128cm 134cm
Size men's clothing is measured a little differently. In the same way as in the first case, it is considered that the size of clothes for men is poluobhvat chest. It works for sweaters and jackets, but may not be suitable for trousers or pants, so it is recommended to measure not only the bust, and the waist (natural waistline) and growth. Measurements are made similar, size chart for men next: 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 62Обхват chest 88cm 92cm 96cm 100cm 104cm 108cm 112cm 116cm 120cm 124смОбхват waist 70cm 76cm 82cm 88cm 94cm 100cm 104cm 110cm 116cm 122cm
It should be remembered that the size of men's shirts is determined by the circumference of the gate, that is, in order to find it, you should measure the neck circumference in the region of the clavicle. Growth is often reported separately on the dimension label. Usually men's clothing same size available in two or three sizes.
Useful advice
Data dimensional table for determining women's and men's clothing size are relevant for Russia. Clothes produced in other countries - European, Asian or the USA - will fit other sizes, you can easily find tables of clothing sizes of these countries, knowing their options.
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