You will need
  • -the tape;
  • -old belt;
  • -size chart.
Measure over clothing waist or hips, depending on how you are going to wear the belt. Knowledge of this quantity will be useful when shopping in malls, and when ordering clothes via the Internet or catalogs.
From different manufacturers may have their own labelling sizes. If you have already bought the belts this company, just see what number was printed on the old things.
Often in shops there is a table of correspondence sizes. Use it or ask the consultants, as determined by the size of the belts of a particular manufacturer. Similar plates found on the websites of online shops of clothing and accessories. In a regular boutique, you can just measure the belts, not even paying attention to the labeling. But with virtual shopping, you must exactly specify the size of the purchased product. In case of an error you will have to return or exchange the strap, and this additional expenditure of time and financial costs.
If the belt is of European manufacture, it can be applied size from 70 to 120 for adults and from 50 to 75 for children. Each number corresponds to your waist. Thus, the straps 70 sizes correspond to waist 66-74 cm; 80 – 76-84 cm; 90 – 86-94 cm; 100 – 96-104 cm; 110 – 106-114 cm; 120 – 116-124 cm Children's belts have the following mapping: 50 – waist 48-52 cm; 55 – 53-57 cm; 60 – 58-62 cm; 65 – 63-67 cm; 70 – 68-72 cm; 75 – 73-77 see
If belt size indicated by the letters, it is likely a thing of American manufacturing. Therefore, all values will be considered in inches. The letter S indicates that the length of the belt 32 to 34 inches. To convert this number to centimeters, multiply by 2.54. Will continue to go sizes M (36-38) L (40-42), XL (44-46). Can meet also denote XS or XXL.