You will need
  • Table of conformity of sizes.
Decide what size you want to translate into Russian units. Because measure can, for example, rings, shoes, and clothes. Besides men, women and children of the dimension line are significantly different.
If you need to pick up the ring, you know that between the Russian and pan-European scale of size there is a clear mathematical relationship. In our country, the ring size refers to inner diameter or the diameter of the finger. The Europeans measure the length of the inner circumference.
Remember the mathematical formula which relates these two quantities: L=3.14 D. Therefore, if the Russian size multiplied by the number PI (3,14), get the size adopted in Europe. Conversely, if the European designation divided by PI, you get the size that the rings are numbered in Russia.
Devise a system for remembering the other sizes, and then you do not need a special table. However, the size of clothing and footwear situation is somewhat different, there aren't mathematical formulas. Although it is possible to put certain tags.
Remember, for example, according to one of the woman's clothing sizes. And have him think big and the smaller side to the desired size, adding and subtracting two. For example, 44 Russian size corresponds to a 38 European. What is 46-th Russian? 38+2=40, where 2 is the step between two sizes. What corresponds to the 50-th Russian? 38+6=44, where 6 is three size in increments of two units.
Keep in mind that some varieties of clothing in Europe labeled differently. Womens dresses, coats, skirts, pants, the costume is one size, and blouses and sweaters – other. For them, the same 44 equal to 50 European.
Do not ship the head men's outerwear, jackets, pants, and suits. Russian and European sizes for them are the same. However, as the sizes of the shirts. Yes, and European size socks, we kind of got used. Probably, everyone knows that socks 23 size suitable for those who wear shoes size 37-38, 39-40 25, respectively. Now double digits (37-38, 39-40, etc.) – this is European size socks.
Get familiar with the Shoe sizes. At the time the Russian manufacturers tried to get away from Europeanization and to instill in us difficult to understand the size – 23,5, 24, 24,5, etc. However, today on the Shoe shelves often indicate the European size is 36.5, 37, 37.5 and so on, the Difference is in the men's Department. European sizes on one unit more than the Russian. That is, 39 Russian meets European 40, 40 – 41, 41 – 42, etc.
We will look at children's clothing sizes. In Europe they are very well marked for growth. You do not know the size of the child it is enough to imagine what his growth. In Russia, this has always been difficult. To know the size of a child was only possible by experience, for fitting. And with children's shoes about the same situation as with the women. Russian sizes to our customers less familiar than European.