As such, black henna does not happen in nature. What we call black henna is henna with the addition of the same natural dye, Indigo. Together they give hair a bluish-black color – black wing color.

The pros and cons of staining black henna

Black henna, however as any other, has exceptional healing properties. It strengthens hair, makes them thicker, gives Shine, and helps to fight dandruff. Henna, including black, can use those who are allergic to chemical colors. For many, this is not just a way out, and the real salvation. Besides, henna can dye your hair during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

However, black henna is not suitable for blondes. Better to use a dark henna to dark nature from the hair. It is also worth remembering that the use of henna is not more often than once every two months, otherwise the color becomes dull, especially for blue-black shade, which gives black henna. Suppose you used black henna and purchased the coveted shade of the black wing. And then a few days later you wanted to be blonde. Forget. You will have to wait a few months after dyeing with henna, especially black, to introduce the possibility of chemical effects on the hair. Henna and chemicals don't mix. Therefore it is impossible to apply henna on dyed or curled hair chemistry. And for the same reason you shouldn't color or Perm after using henna. And another important point – the black henna gives awesome deep color, but not to cover gray.

Technology of dyeing hair, black henna

Apply the henna on clean, slightly damp hair (not wet!) To prepare the color mixture of henna you need in a ceramic or plastic container, as metal, it reacts chemically.

Washing henna from the hair, shampoo can not be used. You need to wash the hair as it should running water, apply conditioner, rinse.
Henna is very much soiled. So you need to paint with gloves on, and the line of hair growth to apply the cream. In the bath all traces of the henna should be rinsed off immediately or she will eat.

The color became more intense, recommends that within three days after application do not wash the head. The best color after painting black henna is obtained after the first wash. Then the color will just wash out.

Body decoration – mehndi and body art

In many ancient cultures, from Ancient Egypt, used the technology to create temporary tattoos from henna. However, the blossoming of this art was reached in India, from here comes the name - (mehndi) (or Mehandi - mehandi). Today this area is again important. And if before the powder was dissolved, was specially prepared, but today there are special black henna tubes with a thin nozzle to apply a thin line, pattern tattoo. These tubes are sold in specialized shops for tattoo artists. Also use black henna in body art. Basically, it's the same as tattoos, only over a larger area – on the area of the entire body. In ancient times the art of mehndi was a ritual. Today it is just a means to stand out from the crowd and decorate themselves.

In General, normal henna is also used for medical purposes and for beauty of hair make masks of colorless henna.