Prepare Basma directly just before applying on hair. Depending on the length of your hair take from 20 to 100 g powder Basma and henna. For example, if your hair is shoulder-length, then take 2 packages of Basma and 1 package of henna.
The ratio is determined between Basma and henna depending on the desired color and intensity of hue. For example, if you dissolve the powders in equal proportions, then get a beautiful brown hue. But if you want to get hair black as night, then the proportion should be not less than 1:2 (henna:Basma).
Basma mixed with a dilute henna with boiling water until the consistency of sour cream. Very well then stir the paint to avoid lumps and the mixture became homogeneous.
Slightly dampen hair and comb them. Then start painting strands of hair from the back. Because the occipital part of the head has a very low temperature, that is why there hair dyed a little longer.
Then apply Basma to the parietal and temporal sections of hair and then throughout the remaining length.
To enhance the effect put on the head with a plastic shower cap (if not, you can take a normal plastic bag) and wrap it with a towel.
Paint keep 1 to 3 hours (for black and saturated colors). The areas with the greatest concentration of grey hair color again.
To get a dark color, listen to ancient Oriental recipe: mix in a porcelain or plastic utensils henna and Basma in equal proportions, add to the mixture 4 tablespoons of ground organic coffee and pour the hot white wine. After that for homogeneous pre-heat slurry in a steam bath. Now apply the color to your hair.
If you want to beautiful fashionable shade of "black Tulip", then in a mixture of henna and Basma in the ratio of 2:1, add 3 or 4 teaspoons of freshly squeezed beet juice.