You will need
  • henna;
  • - gloves;
  • - an old towel;
  • brush;
  • cream;
  • film;
  • - essential oil.
First assess your hair and decide whether you can use henna. If your hair has been recently dyed with chemical dye or curled chemistry, use henna, because the result may be the most unexpected shade. There are cases when the hair after colouring with henna turns green and this color persists for a very long time. Henna also do not use if you have a lot of gray hair.
Prepare everything you need for hair coloring. Keep in mind that henna should be gray-green, and if it has a brown color, then it most likely kept in inappropriate conditions - she lost coloring properties. For long hair you will need 200 grams of henna, and for short – 50 g.
Prepare ink mixture. Dilute henna is hot but not boiling water, mix thoroughly until smooth. Add to the mix 5-6 drops of essential oil that helps the paint to be distributed evenly and will give dark colored hair a deeper color.
Rinse and dry the hair. Apply along the edge of the hair cream cooked so that the skin is not stained. Cover shoulders with a towel so as not to stain your clothes. Keep in mind that to wash the henna is almost impossible.
Apply the color to the hair. You should start with the nape of the neck and from the roots. It is desirable to apply the henna while it's still warm. Then cover your head with a wrap and top wrap a towel. That dark hair is well painted, to keep the henna should be at least 30-40 minutes. Brunettes can increase from 1.5-2 to 8 hours.
Rinse the henna with warm water until until the water is clear. To use the shampoo should not be. The color of henna usually manifests itself some time after coloring. Help in this process, the sun or a Solarium.