The types of henna

Ink and the colorless henna is obtained from the plant called "lawsonia", the leaves of which contains a red coloring pigment. Colorless is produced from the stems of lawsonite in which the pigment is completely absent. Both types of henna are being used successfully for hair care, as they strengthen and restore the structure, but also treat the scalp. Ink henna while famous for its natural variety of colors, among which there are the basic shades.

Among women especially popular are the various masks made with henna.

Popular colors like black, red, brown, and chestnut. Black henna, also known as the Indigo powder gives your hair intensely rich blue-black sheen like Raven. Red henna gives a natural and dazzling red-copper hue. In the brown combination of black and red henna, to which is added an infusion of ground coffee and herbs (red color dominates in this case). Brown henna is also a mixture of red and black henna with ground coffee.

The use of henna on bleached hair

Dyeing with henna bleached hair to be very careful, because the color turns out very bright and intense. Therefore, before painting apply a little on a single strand of hair to see the potential result if it is satisfactory, henna can be applied to clean, dry hair evenly, leaving it so thirty to forty minutes. Application should take place quickly, so the shade it is homogeneous.

So the henna didn't dye the skin of the forehead, along the hairline, it is desirable to apply a strip of fatty cream. It will allow quickly and without any residue to remove henna from the skin.

Upon expiry of this period, the hair should be thoroughly washed with shampoo to transparent water. Rinse the head of hair you need to apply a little conditioner and thoroughly wash it under running water. After dyeing bleached hair with henna, the head can not be washed for three days. In addition, after forbidden to do streaking, perming or dyeing hair with regular paint. Bleached hair can be painted with henna once in two months, the hair is not faded from her frequent exposure. The resulting shade will be kept on the hair for a few months – to change it with any other colors would be impossible.