Why ticks are dangerous

Hunting season ticks on warm-blooded begins with the snow melt and the appearance of the first spring greens. These insects are dangerous that are carriers extremely dangerous for the health and life diseases. A number of these diseases are small, but they are very tricky: viral encephalitis, Lyme disease, piroplasmosis (this disease is most commonly transmitted to dogs from ticks).

The peak of the activity of ticks occurs in the warm periods of spring and autumn. But to handle Pets means ticks are still needed in March and continue to do it regularly, according to the instructions to the drug. Single treatment is clearly insufficient for reliable protection of the dog from the attack of the bloodsucker.

The most common and reliable drugs from ticks for dogs

Spot-on, or drop on the withers. The choice of this type of means is very rich, these drugs can be different active substances and the duration of protection from parasites. Don't forget to mark somewhere in a conspicuous place the date of treatment in order to carry out the following.

Tool choose size dog as pipettes for a puppy or a small breed is not enough for a large dog. You can not wash your pet before and after treatment for 3-4 days. Here are some of the on the market means:
1. "Front line" (France) does not have repellent action, protects it against infection with piroplasmosis. The drug contains the active ingredient fipronil that kills the tick when he drinks the blood of the animal. Fipronil is not toxic for dogs and cause allergies. Front line is allowed to use to protect pregnant and lactating bitches, puppies (two months) and representatives of small breeds.
2. Based on fipronil were created and other drugs: "Practice", Rolf-Club", "Mr. Bruno", "Fibrex".
3. Drugs "Advantix", "Hartz frontline", "Dana", "Celandine", "bars", produced on the basis of organophosphorus compounds and permethrin. They have a contact action on the parasite - the mite dies in contact with the dog's coat. In such preparations one, but very essential disadvantage - they are easily washed with water. That is, once in the rain or ran through a puddle, the pet will lose protection. Also these tools are not suitable no pregnant females, no puppies, no sick or old dogs.

Another type of drugs from ticks - it sprays. Everything here is the same set of active ingredients - fipronil and pyrethroids.
1. Sprays based on fipronil (frontline) can be applied as additional protection to the drops. Usually spray process places that are subject to frequent bathing of the feet, ears, flews. The spray fipronil is not recommended for too shaggy dogs, as the active ingredient can not reach the skin, left on the animal.
2. A spray on the basis of pyrethroids should be sprayed a dog against the hair growth. This should be done outside, after closing the nose, eyes and ears. Indications and contraindications of these funds are the same as a similar drop.