The lower the pressure in the norm should be equal to 80. The vessels of the three-layer, muscle layer holds the pressure and does not allow him to fall. But there are cases when the lower pressure is very high. Pressure all people individually, someone low, someone high and that's fine, but to a certain limit. The increase in pressure can affect the kidneys.
If pathology present their work, possible excessive production of renin (active biological substance), which increases the pressure. If the cause of high blood pressure lies in this, contact your doctor. You will be given special medication that blocks the production of renin, normalizing the pressure.
To lower blood pressure you can: eat salty, fried food; give preference to vegetables, fruits, milk products daily in your diet should be cheese. To replace sugar with honey – the perfect solution if you are not allergic. Beet juice a teaspoon before meals will strengthen, clean the vessels, which will have a positive impact on the performance pressure.
If the lower blood pressure should be immediately reduced, and drugs prescribed by the doctor at hand was not, lie down in bed, face utknites in the pillow. You will need the help of a stranger. Your assistant needs to collect ice from the two sides of the cervical spine. Keep the ice you need for as long as possible. After compress effortlessly massage the cooled region with the addition of any oil, such as peach - the pressure will be reduced. If not, then the situation is critical, call an ambulance. High blood pressure can trigger stroke, heart attack, stroke, consequences of these diseases can be lethal, so expert advice is required.