If the pressure is increased after exercise, or after the experiences associated with positive emotions – lie down for half an hour and during that time breathe deeply. Inhale and exhale evenly and do long, and the pause between them is short. This is usually enough to pressure recovered independently.

Frequent and prolonged increase in blood pressure be sure to consult a doctor, as this can be manifested hypertension and a number of other diseases that cause secondary hypertension. In this case, the assistance should be exclusively medical. Without it, sooner or later irreversible changes of vessels, not amenable to treatment. Own your Wellness. Their regularity will certainly bring positive results.

During the period of absolute health when blood pressure will be within normal limits, start gradually exercise. Especially useful for aerobic physical activity: walking, running, swimming, Cycling. Regular sessions of 50-60 minutes 3-4 times a week lead to a decrease of norepinephrine in the blood. The excess of this hormone causes vasoconstriction, which increases blood pressure.

Stick to the principles of healthy eating and a salted diet. Limit salt intake to 5 grams, since the kidneys are not able to output more than that. But if they can not cope with this volume, activate the excretory function of the skin. For this purpose, again, exercise and regularly visit the steam room, but start slowly and only in a state of stable pressure. After the pair spill with cool water. The temperature difference is very well coached vessels, making them flexible and strong.

Exclude from the diet sausages, canned food, coffee, smoked meat, sharp cheese, and spices, as well as any savoury food. Reduce protein and animal fats, but vegetable foods consume without any restrictions, but mostly raw. You have to include in the menu, boiled fish, vegetable oils, seeds, nuts. They contribute to reduce the pressure. Also, healthy foods, rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium.

For prevention of increasing pressure to improve health through water treatments, sunbathing and vitamin therapy. These activities not only strengthen you physically, but emotionally, which is important. Because it is often a precipitating factor in the increase of pressure is stress and nervous tension.

To normalize the already high pressure use and folk remedies. For example, the juice from 100-200 g of berries cranberries daily or honey cranberry in equal parts (if not gastritis with high acidity) 2 tablespoons 3 times a day in mashed form.

At the time of high pressure, refrain from any physical activity and baths. More peace, fresh air, rhythmic deep breathing, meditation, and anger management. And all this is on a par with drug therapy. In advanced cases, the need for it may persist throughout life. In the initial stages of hypertension – until the stabilization pressure.