Keep track of your weight. Not necessarily to lose weight much. Remove just a few pounds and notice that your diastolic pressure began to approach normal.
Do not eat large amounts of salt. Salt retains water in the body and this affects the pressure increase. Limit yourself to salted and smoked products. Salt the dish during the cooking process and right before a meal. Optionally replace salt with soy sauce.
How can drinking less alcohol. A glass of good red wine once a day will not hurt you. But a large number of alcoholic beverages provoke high blood pressure, including diastolic.
Apparently, you don't have enough minerals. In particular, such as potassium and calcium. Ask at the pharmacy, what vitamins will help to raise their level. Try to eat more foods that contain these minerals. It's raisins, dried apricots, cheese, milk, yogurt.
Keep in mind that all people are prone to hypertension and hypertension should not lift weights. This can cause a sharp pressure jump.
Simple physical exercises, conversely, will benefit your body. Do some walking or light Jogging. During classes you will notice the pressure increase, but after exercise the pressure falls. This is due to the fact that physical exertion causes the blood vessels to expand. In addition, a small morning exercise will help you to fight with excess weight.
If you are fond of vegetarianism, you will also be able to lower the pressure. Science does not know why this happens, but it's a fact.
Purchase a device for measuring the pressure and spend every day measurements. For all people who suffer from increased pressurem, you need to constantly follow him. At least in order to prevent the development of hypertensive crisis.
Get a family pet. It has long been observed that dogs and cats have a beneficial effect on the nervous condition of the people and help them to better tolerate stressful situations that threaten diastolic pressure.