Even if you are healthy, not stopping once a year to conduct a full examination of the body, including blood pressure measurement, General blood and urine tests, determination of glucose and cholesterol in blood, electrocardiogram, x-ray or fluorography. If the rates differ greatly from the norm, and the doctor makes a diagnosis of primary hypertension, needs to take prescribed medicines, allowing you to keep the blood pressure in the normal range. If hypertension develops due to disorders of the kidneys, endocrine glands or Central nervous system, it is necessary to treat the underlying disease, and the pressure subsequently normalized.

A single medication does not solve the problem, and the next pressure drop may develop a stroke or heart attack.

Sometimes the cause of high blood pressure is a wrong method of contraception. Young women sometimes acceptance of contraceptives causes pressure surges. In such cases it is necessary, in consultation with the attending physician to adjust medication.

When the pressure is dramatically reduced, one can experience oxygen starvation, he was hurt and dizzy, he feels weak and unwell. Often people with problems of the gastrointestinal tract with gastritis and cholecystitis, are hypotonic. If the pressure fell sharply, the victim will help a Cup of strong black tea with a few drops of tincture of ginseng or Rhodiola rosea. The patient must be warm, cover it with a blanket. If there is a further pressure reduction, it is necessary to call the emergency doctor.

Pressure can fall sharply when there is an exacerbation of gastric ulcers. The patient, in addition to pain in the abdomen, performs a cold sweat, and there is General weakness. This state is called symptomatic hypotension, it disappears after the attack.

Be sure to follow the additional examination, if you are under 20 years or over 60, and you have "jumps" pressure. Experienced professionals will diagnose and prescribe appropriate therapy.