You will need
  • t - shirt;
  • - cardboard;
  • - acrylic paint;
  • brush;
  • - the markers on the tissue;
  • spray for fabric;
  • stencil on the workpiece drawing.
Wash the prepared t-shirt. This also applies to previously used things recently acquired. In the manufacture of clothing often use special impregnation, which subsequently will prevent you evenly apply the paint and not allow it to dry without streaks. After the shirt was washed and dried, iron it for convenience in the further work. If you choose a colored shirt, then pre-test the impact of paint on the fabric - may be that accompanying this process is a chemical reaction will color the shirt is not in the color that you have planned.
Put cardboard between layers of t-shirt: back and front. This is to ensure that the paint is not leaked to the other side and didn't ruin a future masterpiece. The cardboard on top and wrap with foil. Your shirt should be placed on the cardboard then will provide comfort for the work and pattern will be on the shirt exactly.
Prepare a table to work. Cover it with newspaper or unwanted cloth. For convenience, you can attach the shirt to the cardboard with tape to the table.
Start drawing on the t-shirt. If you are not an artist, but more or less proficient in these skills, apply the picture yourself with special tools: acrylic paints, sprays for fabric or permanent markers. All this you can buy in specialized stores or art shops. If you are not confident in your artistic abilities, use the prepared stencil. If desired, apply a figure-soaked sponge, handprint or objects. Your imagination can be limitless. Remember that markers for fabrics are very comfortable to trace all the drawn elements - the outline of the picture will be clear, bright and not blurry.
Leave the painted t-shirt for 24 hours (pattern on the fabric needs to dry out well) and only then remove from the shirt Board. If you want to have a picture and on the back, repeat all the steps, flipping the shirt to the other side.