You will need
  • - documents of the company;
  • - staffing;
  • - form explanatory notes (if any);
  • - documents of the employee;
  • - a document confirming the reason for delay (if any).
The upper left corner, as a rule, should contain the name of the company where you work as well as personal data and a position of the head of the organization in the dative case. Upper right corner – name of the Department (services, departments), where you are registered.
Under the Department name, specify the date of writing the explanatory note and its serial number (it can be obtained from the clerk). Write the subject of the note. In this case it would correspond to a delay of a certain amount of time.
In many enterprises there is a developed form explanatory notes. In it you should put the date and document number. Name of organization and Department (service) must be present initially.
A substantial part of the explanatory Memorandum should begin, for example, with the words: "I, Petrova Elena Stepanovna, the Manager of the procurement division...". Next, write the fact late on your workstation, specify the amount of time that you had to stay.
Then, you should describe why you do not show up on time for work. She needs to be respectful and truthful (after all, the employer can check).
To the explanatory note it is desirable to attach the confirming respectfulness of the reasons for the delay in the document. Of course, if it has you have available. For example, staying late at work because of an accident that happened on the way to your place of work. It can confirm the certificate, which is issued by the traffic police.
Write your post, personal details, signature. You have written an explanatory note should be referred to the Director of the company. He should make a decision: to leave you at your workplace and count a valid excuse or impose a disciplinary sanction.