According to the labor law, the employer is not obliged to acquaint you with the contents of the Memorandum or the act, which recorded the mistakes you make violation. You also have the right to refuse the writing of explanations, which will be drafted the act. But remember that an explanatory Memorandum can help you to reduce the degree of penalty, if not to remove the blame from you, so write it in your best interest.
If the breach was sufficiently serious and the sanctions that will follow may affect your future career, it is best to consult with a lawyer. It will help you to minimize the degree of punishment and suggest reasons that the employer may find it convincing enough.
The text of the explanatory note is issued in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 6.30-2003. Its content is not regulated by any documents and can be made in any form.
In the introduction give a description of the incident with date, time and circumstances of the violation. Don't forget to mention your surname, name, patronymic, position and organizational unit in which you work.
Give an explanation of their behaviour and specify the reasons that made you commit such an offense. If he is serious, include in the note the following sentence: "In the circumstances, I was forced to act in accordance with the situation."
Clearly and consistently aboutwrite what happened. To lie and no need to make excuses – if the reasons are convincing, and so it will be clear that to break the discipline you had. The manner of presentation should be low-key, write in a detached and as if from the outside. Below was not visible nervousness, better stuff on the computer. It needs to fit on one sheet, the maximum – a half. Pick the correct word: "late" and "delayed" have one essence, but are perceived differently.
If in an event there were other participants besides you, mention it. But don't lay all the blame on them, not take responsibility, maintain objectivity and restraint in presentation.
In conclusion, write your name, initials, signature and date.