You will need
  • calculator;
  • - production calendar;
  • - calculation sheet for the calculation period;
  • - letter from FSS of the Russian Federation No. 02-18/07-1243;
  • - sick leave.
After giving the employee sick leave proceed to the calculation of benefits. First, define the period for calculation. Usually it is a calendar year, provided, however, that employee working in the company more than 12 calendar months. If the specialist performs duties less than the specified period in a particular firm, then for the billing period take the time it is actually decorated in the organization.
Now the sum of the amount of average earnings. To do this, calculate the wages for the period calculation. Add up all the actual payment. Use of the estimated bill. Include salary, bonuses (annual, monthly, quarterly). That is, all remuneration having a permanent nature. Eliminate one-time only payments. This, for example, material aid, social benefits for child birth.
The amount of payments divide the total number of calendar days in the calculation period. The result is the average earnings for the calculation of sickness benefit. Upon receipt by the employee of personal injury, the days of disability are paid from the day when the specialist came to the medical institution.
Use sick leave provided by the employee. The number of calendar days sick leave multiply by average earnings. Amount received in full to pay those professionals, whose experience is more than eight years. If the experience from five to eight years, employees are paid disability at 80%. If the experience of the employee is three to five years, the benefit is calculated on the basis of 60% of average earnings. When the period of employment – from one year to three years, the days of disability are paid at 50%. If the employee has seniority of less than a year, sick leave shall be calculated on the basis of 30% of average earnings.