You will need
  • - passport;
  • - pension insurance certificate;
  • - the policy of obligatory medical insurance;
  • - sick leave.
If you received a household trauma after hours and not on the way to work or home, immediately contact the doctor-traumatologist. Turning to the emergency room with a need to have a passport, pension insurance certificate, policy of obligatory medical insurance. You will diagnose and will prescribe the necessary treatment. From the first day of the disease, the doctor will write a medical certificate which you must present to the employer as soon as the certificate of incapacity will be closed and you go to work.
Will notify the employer that you received a household trauma and are on sick leave. Throughout your illness in the timesheet will put a mark confirming that you have received sick leave and therefore did not attend work.
After the presentation of the hospital sheet to the employer you produce a calculation of benefits in accordance with the General rules. If the industrial injury payment in the amount of 100% of average earnings, while keeping your General working experience is taken into account, if the home injury, the amount of payment depends on your total length of service. When you experience more than 8 years you will pay 100% for all days of the disease, from 5 to 8 years the payment will be made at 80% of average earnings for up to 2 years up to 5 years at 60%.
The exception is the case of access to medical care in the home injury, in a condition of alcoholic, narcotic or psychotropic intoxication. In this case, you in the hospital sheet stamp. The employer will pay for all sick days average daily earnings, based on minimum wage. Today the minimum wage is equal to 4611 rubles. The same payment will be made in violation of the treatment regime, which includes late re-appointment, failure to comply with the prescribed treatment.