Take a blank, prepare for its preparation, focus, do not combine this work simultaneously with other businesses. When writing the reference, use only black or dark blue (purple) ink. Remember that the most approved forms have two sides: front and back, both of which require proper registration.
In the case of the issuance of student certificates in the appropriate column, specify its serial number, which will specify the accounting log of the documents issued. Sign the date of issuance of the certificates, having a mean day of treatment the patient to you for help. Please note that when making reference back number date of issue should not fall on weekends and holidays. Then fully insert the surname, name, patronymic and date of birth of the patient who needs help. Then show school, high school or vocational school. The diagnosis of the disease in the certificate can be described by the cipher according to the international classification of diseases (ICD) or in summary form, without specifying the phases, clinical forms, complications. Remember about the average periods of illness and duration of recovery in each case. In the section "contact with infectious patients" failing this, just put a dash. At the bottom of the reference set with a number the student can and should attend school. Specify at the same time, what period of time it is exempt from physical education classes. Mandatory sign this document by his signature, stamps, in the upper right corner of the stamp, below is the official stamp of the institution that issued the certificate.
When making reference to the pool, please note that the validity period is six months. Surname, name and patronymic of the owner help make fully. Do not forget to put the year of birth of the applicant. In the line "a Diagnosis of" indicate "healthy". At the bottom, select the day, month and year of issuing of the required document and sign.
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