So, install the Navigator into a phone means a phone with a built-in GPS receiver and Garmin Mobile XT. If your phone does not support GPS, but has Bluetooth, you must purchase a small Bluetooth GPS module. Believe me, it will cost you much cheaper than buying a GPS.
From the official Garmin website to download the latest version of the program with a convenient interface for data transfer to download the installation file to your phone, then install the program. Also load the program by sending SMS (setup file size around 100 KB). You should pay attention to the fact that this software is not supported on all phone models, so before buying a GPS unit make sure that the program will run on your mobile phone. Mobile Navigator can be installed on almost all phones Executive class, and smartphones from leading manufacturers.
After installation activate the program established a Bluetooth connection between your phone and the GPS receiver, then determine your location on the ground and you can start the route planning.

In theory the database should be updated regularly, but most changes on the road are not reflected in real-time. So don't be surprised if turning the pointer of the Navigator, you suddenly find a closed for the repair of the road.
How to download Navigator in the phone