You will need
  • Car Navigator.
Download information about traffic jams using the built-in GPRS module in the Navigator.
To download the tubes into your browser, use Internet module. To do this, in the Navigator there is a special slot for a SIM card. You can insert your SIM card or buy a new one with the rate in which GPRS Internet cheaper. So Navigator with traffic can completely replace the cell phone. Phone book will be displayed on the display of the Navigatorwill be saved all the messages and calls. You can call and receive calls, talking on speakerphone, send SMS/MMS – everything that makes a regular phone.
Use to download the traffic information of the mobile phone.
If there is no built-in GPRS module, but there is Bluetooth, you can receive traffic information via a cell phone or PDA. Navigator with traffic without a built-in Internet module costs less compared to models that have them. To load the tube into the navigation as simple as in the first paragraph.
Upload traffic data via module SDIO-Bluetooth (via SD slot) or CFIO Bluetooth (via a CompactFlash slot).
If the Navigator has no built-in GPRS program, no Bluetooth function, you can separately buy these modules and connect the Navigator to the mobile phone via a wireless connection to access the Internet. And thus, loading of the tubes is the same as with built-in Bluetooth interface.
Download information about traffic jams, through DTM antenna.
Some navigators from Garmin, and TomTom are produced with an antenna that can receive data about the traffic on the road radio communications (or Radio Data System Traffic Message Channel) in the FM band. The antenna can be purchased separately, but only for navigation above mentioned companies. Download traffic is absolutely free, because in this case Internet access is not required. Unlike European countries, Russia channels, and road communications were introduced, so free traffic can be obtained only in the largest cities.