You will need
  • - Internet;
  • Navigator;
  • browser;
  • - Navitel.
Enable an alternative shell to the Internet. Upload to the SD card of the Navigator, any mobile version of the program, working with the contents of mobile memory devices. It may be Explorer or Total Commander.
Purchase the optional navigation program. You can buy licensed software from the manufacturer or find a pirated version on the Internet — your business. Copy the navigation program in the memory of the Navigator. Run an alternative shell. However, it is worth remembering that the licensed software is much safer.
Install the program navigation. Here the procedure is different, depending on the type of program. The program Igo8 just load into memory "Navitel" will require running the port settings for the GPS receiver, City Guide will require a license file and service access Tube@Mail.
Please note in which folder the navigation program to maintain their personal data. Depending on the Navigator, it can be My documents, in ResidentFlash and others. In some browsers folder for storing personal data are cleared when you restart Navigator, be prepared that you may lose settings. However, everything can be reconfigured.
The need for multiple programs of navigation is quite clear — each program is good in its own way. Somewhere well made detailed maps and it is easy to find a certain house, where some excellent features tips on speed bumps and cameras on the road. Therefore, to obtain all possible advantage of using Navigator will need to learn how to manage multiple navigation programs.