GPS Navigator is an excellent replacement car "guide." Upload it to the phone is not difficult.
Before starting, you need to configure your mobile machine to receive GPRS Internet connection. Then visit the "Yandex. Cards", locate the appropriate phone and operating system the program and go to the download page.
In the next window you will need to select a region of the map. Enter the name of the city or region in the appropriate box and click the "Download" button. Specify the location of the file and wait for the download to complete. Save the map.
Before using the electronic "guide" ask your operator, the cost of downloading maps. Depending on the operator, this service can be provided for money and free.
The most economical are mobile card from the Mail. Their advantage is that they for update does not require Internet access, and accordingly, they do not spend your traffic. And it is of some importance.
Absolutely free of charge advanced functionality mobile "Yandex. Cards" available to all users of MegaFon. In addition to the basic options – information about traffic, search organizations and institutions, location, you can activate the service "Navigator" with the function "Find others." This operation allows to determine the location of your relatives and friends, subscribers of MegaFon, which gave consent for tracking their coordinates.
The main advantage of using this program is the lack of need for connection and activation. Users simply follow the link to download the application "MegaFon – Yandex.Card" and run it on your phone.
To save you can also use the following method. For this, you will need the cache Yandex.Cards. You can find it on the Internet. Then you will want to download a specific city archive, unzip and mount the file extension .ogf3 on smartphones Symbian to folder "memory Card - document – yandexmaps -maps". On WM devices, select "memory Card – yandexmaps – cache - maps".
However, for mobile with Java-version this is not an option.