Advice 1: How to install navigation on your phone

Most drivers have long appreciated the benefits of navigation systems. It's not necessary to buy a special device used for navigation, as some models of mobile phones successfully cope with this function. To install Navigator in the phone, support for mobile applications - Java and Bluetooth.
How to install navigation on your phone
You will need
  • The phone supports Java and Bluetooth;
  • - GPS receiver with Bluetooth connectivity.
Connecting a mobile phone operator, unlimited Internet access, you will be able to enjoy unlimited features built-in navigation receiver. Update free setup Internet connection of your mobile operator. As a rule, after requesting they come in the form of SMS. The main thing is to correctly configure the remote AP to the network. Keep in mind that the connection must be wap and internet.
You can install a special application Yandex.Card, typing in the mobile phone browser string This service is convenient because it supports different phone models and operating systems ranging from Android and Windows Mobile Symbian and ending.
You can also use the computer to download the application for mobile phones. To do this, go to the website and download the program that is best suited to your model of phone.
If your phone has no built-in Navigator, get an external GPS or GLONASS receiver. Connect it to your phone using Bluetooth technology. To do this, enable detection and then restart the mobile. In the menu "Settings" will appear a new device that was connected. Now you can enjoy all the features of the navigation receiver.
Card on external devices are connected to your mobile phone can be found on the website and the like. They are updated periodically and almost always relevant. Although this service is not free, you will be always aware of the situation on the roads.
Useful advice
If you are using an external receiver, don't forget to include in the settings the resolution to apply to all devices that support the Bluetooth function.

Advice 2 : How to install GPS in a phone

An increasing number of cell phones is supplied with the GPS receiver. However, many phones in such a receiver is not appointed. At the same time, they have Bluetooth and Java. This phone also can be converted to Navigator - enough to Supplement it with an inexpensive external receiver.
How to install GPS in a phone
You will need
  • Phone with Bluetooth and Java
  • External GPS receiver with Bluetooth
Get an external GPS receiver with Bluetooth interface. Its price is about 2000 rubles.
The receiver has its own battery. It will have to charge before using the battery charger supplied with the receiver.
Download phone navigation software Google Maps, Yandex.Card or Карты@Mail.Ru. If you have subscribed to unlimited Internet access from your phone, to give preference to any of them, or even put all three. If unlimited Internet access from your phone you no, but your carrier provides free traffic for the program Yandex.Cards put a special version of the program from the website of the operator. Note that a small portion of the traffic may still be charged because the phone sending DNS queries.
Put the receiver in pairing mode with your phone according to the instructions attached to it.
Start the navigation program. In the menu, select the detection mode of the GPS receiver. Will appear around the list of discovered Bluetooth devices. Choose among your receiver. If required, enter the pairing code listed in the instructions.
Leave the phone and receiver into the open. Make sure the definition of your location is working.
Master the use of all functions of the navigation software before you can use it for its intended purpose. Learn how, in particular, find street by name, set the start and end points of the route, a route taking into account traffic jams.In the future, use the phone GPS as well as a normal GPSNavigatorohms, but remember that failures of base stations of cellular communication it will cease to load the card.
In the future, don't forget to charge not only phone but also GPS receiver. Remember that the charge level of their batteries are completely unrelated.
While driving the car, first look at the road and not on the phone screen.

Do not rely only on a navigation program. A good understanding of the geography of the city.
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