You need to first download itself app from your phone or PC. If you will be downloading from your phone, then type in your browser and then just download the appby clicking on this link. If you want to use the computer, then visit the website the special "window" your phone model, its manufacturer and then you only need to download "Yandex-tube" on the computer and move the file to a memory cell.
After downloading the application, you'll need to connect your GPS receiver to your mobile device. You will need to first enable myself the Navigator, go to the app and activate Bluetooth on your phone and then search for the device. After this simple manipulation, you can mark free to travel the streets in green so that other drivers also were aware of where you can drive around traffic jams.
In addition, after installing this app on your phone and its further use can you advise "Yandex-tube" and the other drivers (their relatives, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, in the end), the more people will participate in the development of the application, the more reliable will be the information that will be displayed on the map.