Advice 1: How to find a computer on the local network

In a local network you can also search for files or documents, but also computers. There are many programs that provide their users with the ability to search for necessary information. You can find the particular computer. It only needs to know its IP address.
How to find a computer on the local network
You will need
  • computer;
  • one of the programs: AngryIp scanner, NetSearch, NetView.
To search can use AngryIp scanner (you can download it from the official website at The application carries out port scanning. Run the utility on the computer. Before you open the window. Can perform settings of the program. Go to Tools and then click on Preferences. Be sure to put a checkmark on the tab Scan dead hosts which don't reply to ping. This will allow you to scan more slowly, and thus find more proxies. In option Ports specify the ports. In field of the P Range input ranges of the search. Then press the button Start. The search process is started. It remains only to wait a while and see the results. Before you will have a list of computers.
Also a handy program to search for – NetSearch. Download and install to your computer and run the program (you can download it from the portal Before you open the window. To begin your search, find the tab "network Scan". Then click "Start" and wait for the result. In addition, you can specify the search parameters. You will have the opportunity to send a message to the user computer. In the program settings you can make it so that the program NetSearch will automatically start. To do this, select options on NetSearch.exe auto.
NetView program that looks for IP addresses, computer names. The official website of the program does not, however, you can download it on the software portal Install any language interface. This can be done in the settings. To start scanning, simply click on the "network Scanner" in the "Tools" or "Start scanner". The result will appear in the center of the working window. If you click on one of the names of the computer can make the edit. The user can also enter the IP addresses that he wants to find. The NetView program will scan the network and display the results to you. To work, you can use any of the listed programs.

Advice 2: How to log on to the computer in the LAN

A LAN is a network in the world of computersthat covers a small area, such as a dwelling house, group of offices. To access the computer in the local network , you must configure the operating system of your computer.
How to log on to the computer in the LAN
Go to "start" -> "control Panel" –> "Network connections". In the left panel "Network tasks" select "Set up a home network or small office network".
Next will be "the Wizard of networking". This wizard will play a crucial role in the setting. And it would be of great help in solving our problem.
Click "Next" twice.
Box should appear stating that the wizard detected the network hardware. If your personal computer has multiple network adapters, select the one that is connected a network cable. If done correctly, the next will be offered several options to create the connection.
You should now see a window where you should enter the settings which your PC will be recognized in the network. The "computer description" ask not necessarily, but the "computer Name" you need to consider very carefully, as the computers with the same name in one network will not work.
Enter the name of the workgroup. Can leave it to default, and can invent his own. Note that if all computers will "communicate" with each other, the name must be the same on all computers.
Then restart the computer.
After the computer boots again go to "start" –> "control Panel" –> "Network connections". Just right click on the created connection and select "Properties".
In the "Components used by this connection" select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and enter its properties.
Check the item "Use the following IP address", enter in there. Under the maskof the network will be substituted automatically ( and "gateway" repeat the IP address of the computer.
Again restart your computer.
Repeat all these points on other computers in the local network. Only the IP address, you can zoom in on each computer on the unit. In this setting the computer is finished and you can use the network.
Useful advice
To open the General access to files and folders, open them through "My computer", click right mouse button and select "sharing and security". In the opened window select "share" and put a tick on the "Allow modification of files on the network".
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