You will need
  • - at least 2 computers
  • - compressed network cable
  • - game one version
Open the start menu. Hover the cursor over the control panel, open it. Locate the shortcut to "Network connections". Open it.
Before you come to all your connections. But you need a LAN connection. Hover over the shortcut and right-click on it. You will see a window (see picture), click on properties.
How to set up LAN games
Window opens the LAN settings. Choose Internet Protocol(TCP/IP). Open it.
The LAN settings
Will appear in the properties window the Internet Protocol(TCP/IP). Put the settings from "Obtain an IP address automatically" to "Use the following IP address".
How to set up LAN games
The cell IP address, enter the following numbers: to enter without points, your PC'll share.
Next, enter the numbers in the subnet mask: The point set is not necessary. In the remaining columns to put anything not necessary. Click OK.
Doing the very same thing on another computer. Only where it says IP address, enter another combination: Without points. The subnet mask is the same. Connect the network cable. And you can play.